south beach condo rental
south beach condo rental
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south beach condo rental
south beach condo rental
south beach condo rental
South Beach Condo - Florida Vacation Rentals
south beach condo rentalLocated in the South of Fifth area of South Beach, the Condo, one of the most beautiful South Beach condos available for vacation rentals, is a very large, smoke-free 2-Bedroom & Den / 3-Bathroom unit. It is just 3 short blocks from the beach and Ocean Park, one block from Joe's Stone Crab, and 2 blocks from the Marina.
south beach condo rentalPlease take a look at the condo photos, the condo blueprint, or read more about the condo below. Our availability calendar shows booking dates available.
south beach condo rental
South Beach Weather
south beach condo rentalMiami's weather is comfortable all year round. Between December and March, Miami’s winter months, expect temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (13-25 degrees Celsius).
south beach condo rentalWater temperatures range from a low average of 71 Fahrenheit in January to the mid-80s from June through September.
south beach condo rental
South Beach Condo Highlights
south beach condo rentalTranquility - spacious setting avoids street noise (see Condo Photos).
south beach condo rentalClose to Miami Art Deco area (see South Beach Architecture).
south beach condo rentalGreat shopping adventures (see Shopping In Miami).
south beach condo rental 2 enclosed bedrooms with Queen-sized beds and private bath. 1 junior room with bath is adjacent to living room (semi-enclosed room - see Floor Plan). It features a twin bed plus a single pull-out mattress on a sliding platform. Mattresses have fitted covers. All linen supplied.
south beach condo rentalSet-up is ideal for family or double couples.
Work Area
south beach condo rental2 office desks with phones (1 line) are located in the Master Bedroom. A fax machine with dedicated line can send and receive. A color/B&W printer hookup is accessed via Parallel or USB (software drivers on CD on site).
south beach condo rentalHigh Speed Internet Access is available at one of the desks, connecting via your 10/100 Ethernet port. Instructions for hook up and e-mail are labeled at the desk.
south beach condo rentalCourier packs can be left and received at security desk.
south beach condo rentalFully equipped gourmet kitchen.
south beach condo rental3 tiled bathrooms with showers. Master bath is marble, separate Water Closet with Bidet, Glass Shower plus Jacuzzi roman style tub.
south beach condo rentalTowels and hair dryers supplied.
Air Quality
south beach condo rentalAC with superior filtration in unit.
Water Quality
south beach condo rentalDrinking water and refrigerator ice-maker is filtered.
south beach condo rentalWasher / Dryer and all detergent supplied in the condo. Iron and board supplied.
south beach condo rentalSite has 2 beautiful outdoor pools.
south beach condo rentalSite has a Bar-B-Q area above the Gym with 2 gas-powered grills. Sitting area is in the gazebo near the pool. Use a cooler to transport ingredients, utensils and condiments.
south beach condo rentalGym, sauna and steam room are in the condo complex near the upper level pool. Closes at sunset.
south beach condo rentalOne interior parking slot is available with rental. Temporary visitors are allowed. Although the site has 24 hour guarded security, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
south beach condo rentalFull 24-hour security with guards on duty in complex with scheduled rounds. Condo features auto-locking steel doors, superior locks, inaccessible 3rd floor balcony.
south beach condo rentalPolice station is located 8 blocks away.
south beach condo rentalMajor and smaller Hospitals are very close by and are listed beside the phone.
south beach condo rental
South Beach Condo - Attractions
The following outlines some of the great things you will find in South Beach. Make sure to visit our various site sections (you'll find links below) for even more in-depth information.

Miami South Beach Area
Walking distance to beach (2 short blocks), amazing nightlife (visit our Miami Nightlife section), Miami South Point Marina, historical Art Deco area (visit our South Beach Architecture section), and designer shopping (visit our Shopping In Miami section).

south beach condo rentalBig Order: Cab it or drive to Publix at West Street and 20th.
south beach condo rentalHealthy Order: Cab it or walk to Wild Oats on Alton at 11th. Huge health food supermarket. Great Deli.
south beach condo rentalDaily Order: Try the cuban supermarket at 7th and Jefferson.
south beach condo rentalGourmet Order: The Marina's little superette has pastry, Grey Poupon, Deli Meats and gourmet chips.
south beach condo rentalWine & Beer: Pharmacy has a good liquor store at 5th and Jefferson (well priced).
south beach condo rentalBread: The French bakery and the Argentine bakery on Washington at about 9th street are the best. You can walk it, but not at noon. The Argentine one stays open a little later.

Lincoln Drive
south beach condo rentalA 20 Minute walk or a 5 dollar cab ride puts you in the most amazing outdoor pedestrian eating wonderland. Restaurants of every specialization share the no traffic zone with art galleries, gourmet kitchen, gadget shops, aroma therapists, exotic clothing and furniture stores, cigar lounges, expresso bars.... all under the palms. There is a multi-screen cinema as well, specializing in slightly off-beat films. The Miami Symphony and Miami City Ballet are also in this area. Concert programs are provided by the Jackie Gleason Center. Check listings.

Downtown Miami
south beach condo rentalA short drive across the nearby causeway to Miami's Bayfront Mall, sporting events, Miami Planetarium, Police Museum, and the Miami Aquarium. A longer drive will take you the huge malls at Kendall where you'll see why its called a consumer society (visit our Shopping In Miami section).

Designer District
south beach condo rentalFor the sophisticated home decorator or art lover - you absolutely must browse the Designer District. It's a 10 square block area of converted heritage warehouse buildings that now house showrooms of the most amazing decorators, artists, furniture designers and craftsmen. Tiles, hardware, accents, photography, paintings, textiles, Italian far-out furniture, one-ups, knock offs, one-betters, famous brands, unknown geniuses, unique sculptures, stuff you've never seen before, and stuff you'll only see in magazines (see South Beach Architecture). Also see these sites:Miami Design District, Design Miami (with a locator map), and The Miami Design District.

Mall Shopping
south beach condo rental South Beach's street shopping zone attracts the stylish to signature boutiques of famous designers and upscale brands. They are clustered on Collins between 5th and 8th street. Bring money (visit our Shopping In Miami section).

south beach condo rentalSouth Beach has good to excellent restaurants and cafes in greater concentration than anywhere else on the east coast. You can literally eat in a different spot for every meal of your vacation if you chose to. Within walking distance, there are dozens of cafes, diners, gourmet and delivery pizza spots, sidewalk cafes and intimate extravagant fine dining to suit every mood and taste and budget. If you prefer to drive, you need only venture 10 to 20 minutes out and access even more choices, consisting of large specialty restaurants.
south beach condo rentalClose to the condo is Big Pink for an American style breakfast. Get a delivery menu as they stay open late. Diner-style food. Upscale breakfast is at News Cafe (Versace's favorite spot) at Ocean and 8th. Outdoor seating under the palms. The Cordozza further up the street is nice too, with the same menu. If stark views and a sense of temporal displacement appeals to you, try the TIDES for breakfast. Not cheap, but a certain feel that is unique makes it worthwhile.
south beach condo rentalDown the road (south) on Washington Ave. is JOE's Famous Crab House. I enjoy their DELI (Joe's Take Away) for a continental breakfast or for boxing a gourmet picnic lunch. The evenings are crowded, with long lines on weekend nights. Bring money.
south beach condo rentalWollenski's Seafood Restaurant behind the PortoFino Towers is a fancy spot with a spectacular view for splurging on supper. Ask for Terrasse seating. Bring more money.
south beach condo rentalAt 5th and Ocean, near 4th is Ocean Five, an Italian bistro with the best Pizza on the beach. Also the best value for money. Great family-friendly spot too, as the place is laid back. A 10 minute walk. They also deliver.

Beauty Culture
The beauty salons in the area cater to every affectation ( even yours), as the modeling community drives the demand for eclectic style statements. There are tattoo parlors as well, if your skin craves new ink (don't tell the kids). There's a few SPAS in the area as well. Check the ever present Ocean Drive Magazine to make a choice.

south beach condo rentalThe Beach. Access at 1 St. and Ocean Drive. Go right to the end of 1 st. Seashell collecting and then gluing them to something is fun, as is stringing them. Condo has a pool and gym.
south beach condo rentalKid parks are along the water on Ocean Drive. Nearest one is at 2nd and Ocean. Popular at sunset with local moms and dads as the shade is in your favor (see Family Attractions).

south beach condo rental Versace's mansion is favorite attraction, but the Art Deco architecture is the real eye-popper. Miami's South Beach is a unique urban beach. It has a completely different feel morning, noon and night.
south beach condo rentalAs the morning mist clears, the fashion photography shoots populate the streets with models, photographers and stylists that have made South Beach the 3 rd most popular shooting location in the world. The light is bright and fresh and the low Art Deco buildings take on a toy villa aspect.
south beach condo rentalMeanwhile on the beach, morning joggers chose the spirituality of mile-long runs on hard packed sand while the more contemplative dodge sea waves along the shore in leisurely walks. Excellent outdoor breakfast spots are buzzing with beach beauties, musclemen, power brokers, foreign tourists and new families.
south beach condo rental Near lunch time, beach-goers and hardbodies take over the beach and the place feels like "Saturday at the beach" every day of the week. Families, teens, surfers, seniors and glamour queens ( and not just a few drag queens) all seem to have a favorite strip of beach. Indeed, some seem to only wear a strip of cloth! But that's what sunglasses are for.
south beach condo rentalAt sunset, Happy Hour attracts the professionals and suits to drinks under the palms. The many many small hotels and restaurants have outdoor lounges that feature weird drinks to tempt the foolish and the brave. The ostentatious display of fancy cars can intimidate at first, but you'll remember with some satisfaction that they're probably not paid up!.

After Hours
south beach condo rental9 PM onwards, the streets fill up with party-goers and elegant dining patrons and creatures of the night. What can I say. The place rocks till 3 or 4 am. Neon lights, spandex tights, warm summer nights. Bar hop, jaywalk, star spot. It is very often way too loud to talk. Try the next spot. Take a cab or walk (see Miami Nightlife).

Music and Lounge Club Scene
south beach condo rentalRave and Electronica are also BIG on the beach, with dozens of wild, exclusive night clubs such as DEEP (with an aquarium dance floor), LEVEL (too sexy by far), OPIUM with its huge outdoor dance atrium and many others (see Miami Nightlife).
south beach condo rental Some music stores specialize in electronic music and have a worldwide reputation.
south beach condo rental Music stores here also stock a wide variety of Latino music, as the Estafan music empire is the leading musical force on South Beach (Miami Sound Machine). Gloria Estafan, Shakira and Ricki Martin are managed from the fantastic Estafan HQ on 5th Street. Competitor Sony Music has a major PR shop and studio at Lincoln Drive, and a dozen promoters have offices "on the beach".

The Latino Scene
south beach condo rentalAlthough South Beach is a favorite with the younger Latinos for drinking and dancing, the shopping is on the "mainland" of the City of Miami proper. The strip is called Calle Oche or 8 Th. street. A stroll along this mile long shopping strip will remind you of Caribbean towns. Many working class restaurants, and a few upscale ones provide Cuban cuisine. The shops are filled with exotic domestic items, many with a purpose that will mystify you. Don't try the Beauty Salons unless you want to look like you're on your way to a Puerto Rican Prom! Good place to buy Cuban music. Leather items are nice too. Men's spanish shoes are pretty cool. Wear sunglasses if you look at the furniture.

Walking Scene
south beach condo rental Many safe and scenic options here. For a morning jog, try the Beach, accessible just outside the condo complex. As we are located on the south tip of a rounded cape (South Point) , 3 blocks east on 1 St. street gets you access to the beach. A jog or walk north is never ending. At about 20th street you can access the BOARDWALK which continues for a couple of miles.
south beach condo rental On hot afternoons (avoid the noon time), a walk north along Washington Ave. gives you a great a idea of what normal life is like on South Beach, before the vampires begin their evening forages. The Wolfsonian Museum and the Holocaust Museum are great educational day trips too. The police station is the one you saw on "Miami Vice". The neon sign of Miami Subs across the street is the one flashed on the opening credits. Artist enclave "Espanola Way" has a craft fair on the weekends.
south beach condo rental In the early evening, try a walk to Flamingo Park. Another shorter walk to the marina will before sundown will be rewarded will a look at the iridescent tropical fish that feed near the rocks along the marina boardwalk, especially at the southernmost end.
south beach condo rental In the late evening, you can't beat a walk along the South Boardwalk of leading to the pier at South Point. Access is on Washington Street going South towards the PortoFino Tower. Keep walking along the entrance drive of the tower to the boardwalk/walking trail. Turn left and stroll past the fancy restaurant. The quaint walk will take you under palm trees to the tip of South Point Pier, where many latinos young and old like to do nocturnal fishing right off the pier. Moonlit nights are especially charming. The more adventurous can brave it during a lightning storm. On the way back, you can stop at laid-back Penrod's for a drink and a taste of the beach bum crowd.

Boating & Cruises
south beach condo rental You can hire a fishing or touring boat to putt you around at the Miami Beach Marina. See the Coral Reef, Biscayne Bay, etc.
south beach condo rental Lots of short and long cruises leave Miami. A gambling boat leaves the Miami Beach Marina on a regular basis. Pay the rent first though!

General Miami Beach Info
south beach condo rental Miami Beach 411 is the best website for consumers to find events, businesses and services in Miami Beach. Use Miami Beach 411 to decide where to eat, stay and play in the City. Go directly to their City Services Page for a list of the addresses, phone numbers and websites of the most important city services.
south beach condo rental
south beach condo rental
south beach condo rental

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